About This App

Storming a Redoubt at Yorktown (Eugene-Louis Lami/Library of Congress)

Welcome to the Colonial National Historical Park/Yorktown Battlefield Tour Application. This application was produced by The American Battlefield Trust and the National Park Service's Yorktown Battlefield, part of Colonial National Historical Park.  

There are two tours available on this application:

The Historic Yorktown Tour: Explore the historic town of York, established in 1691 as a colonial seaport. Enjoy a walk along Main Street past buildings that have witnessed 300 years of American history and learn of the town's role in the siege. This tour contains audio.

The Yorktown Battlefield Tours: This contains two separate auto tours.

  • The Battlefield Tour (Stops A to F) is a 7-mile loop that tells the story of the Siege of Yorktown
  • Allied Encampment Tour (Stops G to L) is a 9-mile loop that shows were the Allied Army had its encampments behind the lines.

We encourage you to take both tours.